Do you have professional training?

Certified Counselor and Life Coach

Erotic Dominance Intensive for Professionals, Academy of S/M Arts

Like A Pro, Betty Martin

Sex & Physical Disabilities: Basic Training for Sex Professionals, Touching Base

Online Dakini Mentorship Program, Ecstatic Awareness Institute

Massage School

Yoga Instructor

Are you a sex therapist or surrogate?

No. I am not a therapist with a state license, nor am I a trained sexual surrogate. I am a certified counselor and life coach who draws my expertise from over a decade of working in the sex industry. I sought out professional training as a counselor to honor my clients, who open and reveal their sensitive, soft insides to me. I cherish the confidences entrusted to me and aim to offer my clients skilled guidance via radical intimacy. I bring into every single session all of the training, mentorship and life experiences that have helped me grow.

What are your clients like?

I prioritize and maintain ongoing connections with a relatively limited number of suitors. My clients are vastly different from each other, but they share some common qualities. I attract people who are committed to personal growth. People who want to enjoy the comforts and material indulgences they’ve worked hard for. But they also want to experience the joy of authentic connection. They have come to a point in their journey that calls for a consort to help overcome emotional or physical challenges. They’re highly capable in their occupational fields, but sometimes have a sense that something is lacking, that there is more about themselves and the world to be discovered. I guide them through that discovery.

Do you see black/asian/muslim men?

Yes. I do not discriminate against any patron based on race, ethnicity, appearance, ability or identity. You never need to apologize for who you are in your introduction. I'm sorry you've learned that to be necessary. Simply show me that you are respectful by following my booking procedure. Demographic information is not requested for booking.

How can I book a date with you?

First read about my services and rates here

Then use the form here

You can also Get More Kimberlee on Twitter and Instagram.

Can I call you?

Sure. When I’m available, I accept calls via NiteFlirt:

Call Come With Kimberlee for phone sex on

What’s your availability?

 Most of the time I'm in northern California and I do outcalls to San Francisco, San Jose and Tahoe. Sometimes I travel too. Check out my calendar to see what cities I am visiting. 

Do you tour my city?

No. I travel for pre-booked dates of 4 hours or longer with a deposit paid in advance. My calendar reflects cities I am visiting because I want to be there to ski, to sail, to see family or to attend conferences and meetings. I don’t “tour” so much as I make myself available to meet high-quality suitors in the cities where I enjoy spending time.

Can I fly you to my city?

Yes! I’d be delighted to meet you in the city of your choice. To confirm a session, you simply need to send your $500 deposit plus the airfare. I will take care of the details and arrive shiny and happy at the appointed time and location. 

What are your rates?

My rates for Escort and Dinner Companionship start at $1600 for a 4 hour meeting, more details here.

Fetish dates start at $1800 for 4 hours, more details here

Do you see couples? If so, are the rates different?

I love couples! I am bisexual and I love encounters where I get to indulge my love for both men and women. My rates are not different for couples.

Do you offer duos with other providers?

Yes! Ask me about my hot girlfriends.

Will you accompany me to a social event?

I’d be delighted to accompany you to a social or professional engagement. I am a clever conversationalist and I can easily blend with any crowd. I am also open to attending kinky play parties or other sexually-themed private events with you.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, money orders, credit cards, land deeds.

Why don’t you offer 1 hour sessions?

I have the most satisfying encounters when I’m able to take my time getting to know and connect more deeply with my lover. Since I have limited availability for dating, I prioritize longer meetings with friends who are likely to see me on a regular basis.

Why do you charge more for fetish dates?

The fetish dates I offer are of a deep psychological nature and often require special accommodations, equipment and costumery. I have set my fetish rate to ensure that I am able to provide the highest quality experience for the devoted connoisseur seeking detailed scenarios.

How much advanced notice do you need for a date?

As far in advance as possible is always the best. If you’re forthcoming with all of your screening information and deposit I can usually plan to meet with 24-48 hours notice.

What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A $500 deposit is required to confirm your booking. If travel is required then that expense will be added to the deposit. If you cancel with more than 48 hours notice 100% of your deposit can be used toward a future booking. Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice 50% of your deposit can be used toward a future date. Same day cancellation your deposit is forfeited.

I’m not ready to meet you in person, but I’d like to get your attention. What’s the best way to do that?

Thank you for understanding that my time is extremely limited and I can’t give attention to everyone who asks. Those who win my attention choose to invest in things that are dear to me. A contribution in my name to one of the following causes is a sweet way to win my endearment:

Hawaii - Decriminalize Sex Work

Sacramento - Direct Services and Public Education

You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you’d like to get to know me a bit more before we meet. Calling me on NiteFlirt is also a wonderful way to speak with me in real time about our potential rendezvous.

What is Your Love Language?

According to the Love Languages Quiz, my Love Language is “Receiving Gifts.” In this context, I take “gifts” to include meaningful gestures and surprises, not necessarily physical wrappable gifts.

Do you have a wishlist?

I don’t maintain a wishlist. I do love gifts! However, I prioritize experiences over objects. Spa days and lingerie shopping trips, whether we do them together or you send me out on my own, are my idea of perfect gift experiences. If you just really want to do something kind for me, I welcome cash gifts here. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated, thank you! 

Do you have a Bucket List? If so, do you offer special rates?

Yes, I do have a bucket list. Yes, I offer a special rate to those who wish to fulfill my dreams of experiencing some places that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to do myself. Some items on my list include:

Heli-skiing, Canada, New Zealand

Done! Attend “Wait wait... Don’t Tell Me” Live Show, various locations

Fly me to New York for a Dinner Duo with Tabitha Cooks

Yoga and Swimming with Dolphins at WildQuest in Bimini, Bahamas

Sponsor my professional sailing certification, Mexico

Sponsor my advocacy work for 1 week, various locations