Kimberlee's Ski Adventures

Enjoy your weekend getaway to the slopes with a charming and athletic companion. I have all my own gear and season passes that get me into a number of resorts from Tahoe, CA to Park City, UT to Vail, CO. We can frolic on the slopes together and then relax and retire for frisky fun in the evenings.

I’m an intermediate skier. I’ve taken to skiing exceptionally well, staying in shape off-season by supplementing my yoga regimen with weight training. I’ve discovered a lasting passion for skiing that I adore sharing with a partner.

We have so many options for how we can create this experience! We can ski together, soak in the hot tub afterwards, then go back to our room to commingle. Or we can ski independently and meet up in the evening for dinner and delicious dessert. Let me warm your winter holiday with charm, laughter and saucy humor; chasing away the chills with my carnal heat.

Snow Bunny Snuggle

4 hours $1600

Imagine you’ve been out on the mountain all day. Tired but invigorated, you find me waiting to receive you at the hotel bar for a cocktail, to be followed by a warm entree paired with lively repartee. Afterwards, we adjourn to your room where your weary muscles receive the tender ministrations of my talented hands. A cascade of compelling exchanges builds your anticipation until the moment is ripe to open my warm winter clothing like a sexy holiday gift, revealing what pretty considerations I’ve made just for you. By the end of the evening you’ll be melted into a puddle, a silly grin on your face. The last thing you see before you drift into a peaceful slumber is my perfectly round derriere slipping out the door.

Honey Bunny Hop

12 hours $2400

You wonder who that confident, beautiful woman is across the room, and then when I make eye contact your heart races at the heady confirmation that I’m joining you for breakfast. Following a light meal, we’ll return to your room to gear up… only first we must take a moment to get better acquainted.  Oh, my! The things in my boot bag are certainly not for skiing!  After thoroughly exploring some dangerous curves, the slopes will seem safe by comparison. As the endorphins kick in from our afternoon of frosty fun, we make our way back to the room for Happy Hour and confer as to whether we wish to dine out or order in. (Yes you do want to see me in that little black dress!) Either way, there will be plenty of time to deepen our exchanges, and when the time comes for me to depart, I will be leaving you on an entirely different plane.

Ski Bunny Love

2 nights $5000

I’ll join you for dinner at the lodge, which will segue into a corporeal evening of embodied discourse -- the flush of dawn hitting my sleepy cheeks reminding you of the colors we achieved. We may choose to sleep in a little, enjoying a late-ish breakfast before we hit the slopes, reconnecting and refuelling over a light lunch, perhaps enjoying a nooner. And then, being the insatiable ones that we are, return to ski some more. We’ll end the day with some playful renewals of the night before, perhaps followed by a sensuous soak in the hot tub before dinner. Then we have a whole day ahead of us to do it all again. Two days of skiing, flirting, and exploring each other.

Travel considerations:

I’d be delighted to join you at the ski resort of your choice. I do not charge an additional travel fee to visit resorts in Tahoe, as this is within a reasonable driving distance. However, if I must fly to your resort, I will need you to pay for my airfare and transportation from the airport.


A deposit of $500 is required for all Ski Packages. I offer several options for discreet payment. If travel funds are necessary, you may send them at the time of deposit. Thank you!

Fancy an adventure that's a bit warmer?

Kimberlee, I was just sitting here thinking about our time together this afternoon, and remembering how good you made me feel.  Right now, I feel refreshed, enervated, serene, and very content.  You made me feel as though I were the most important person in the world, and time had no meaning.  I cannot tell you how good that made me feel.
— D