Kimberlee Cline

Kimberlee Cline

a transformative experience.


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I am the Woman who will inspire your transcendence. With me, you will flourish.  

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It begins with an introduction. An impression. An imprint. I will awaken you to revelations that shift your perspective and liberate your senses.

After sharing my company, you will embrace your moments, your hours, your days through new eyes. You will know transformation through the passion of intense, disarming intimacy.

I have always been sensitive. I have always been empathic. I leave a mark that lasts beyond the time you spend in my physical company. My essence stays with you. Your life elevates and transforms in spaces that seem beyond the reach of our shared experience. We are a potent influence on each other. We grow.

My natural acumen for sex and intimacy became apparent in adolescence. My arousal response was new and confusing, but quickly embraced and channeled. I reveled in my nights alone in my room exploring my fantasies, pushing my imagination and unleashing my body with my hands.  To feel shame in my pleasure never occurred to me.

Pleasure is my birthright. And yours.

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Reading opened my mind to unusual and even taboo expressions of sexuality. For much of my youth, I found solace curled up with books I found on my grandmother’s hutch. The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough is still one of my all time favorites. Reading about Meggie and her family’s lives in New Zealand and Australia seeded the insatiable wanderlust that remains core to my being.

My passions are seeing and being seen, I am an unapologetic exhibitionist; feeling and being, making the most of moments in which words are insufficient; embracing and learning, about the world and its people, its places, its ways of living. My wanderlust, like my appetite for pleasure, knows no limit. I’ve journeyed all over the world by car, by air and by rail.

I am at home anywhere I am free to embrace my wild and abundant nature.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of accompanying my clients in their international travels to the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.  I've splashed naked in the enveloping warmth of Bahamian waters and surrendered to the sun of Barcelona beaming hot upon my bare breasts.  I’ve gotten lost in New York's symphony and been enlivened time and time again by Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas.  Let's go! Let's immerse. Let's merge.


My fearless pursuits of fun and pleasure have opened me to profound experiences. I will breathe this wisdom into you. I will show myself to you. I will draw you forth.

Through me, you will know your world, inside and out.




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What's your pleasure?

let's explore together...

Your Dinner Date

From sushi and saké and into the sheets, you deserve nothing but the finest of indulgences! 

Your Fetish Concierge

Your taste is as epicurean and refined as you are. Perhaps you're interested in exploring new sensations. Let me be your guide! 

Your Adventure Companion

You deserve a vacation! I can turn the most mundane of business trips into a luxurious excursion...