California Dream Girl


The Beach Boys and David Lee Roth both exclaimed, and with good reason...

"I Wish They All Could Be California Girls..."

Come find out what makes California Girls unforgettable!

Laid back and Devil-May-Care, I am the quintessential California Girl. Lightly freckled and sun-kissed skin, a body that fits your hands perfectly, and hair that I'd rather air-dry than curl, you'll most often find me barefoot on the beach when I'm not digging around in the dirt.  I love spontaneous adventuring, and want you to come along for the ride!

The rolling hills of wine country are sure to remind you of the curves on the redhead behind the wheel next to you as you drink and we discover our way through Napa. I'll be sure to take care of your every want so you can relax and truly enjoy all the sights that a California day trip has to offer. We might spend all day in San Francisco reveling in the Bohemian Capital's "free love" attitude!  We could work up an appetite (and a sweat!) exploring the Marin Headlands and hiking Point Reyes before satiating our appetites at a quiet restaurant in Stinson Beach.

Want to enjoyt all that glitters in SoCal? I can meet you in Los Angeles and keep you from getting star-struck as we explore Hollywood, hike the Hills, and pretend that the City of Angels is our own personal kingdom. Casual beach living by day, culinary and cultural adventures by evening and your own private showgirl by night. 

Want a real adventure? Pick whether we go north or south from Los Angeles, and lets see what kind of trouble we can get into! Whether we’re hiking the Sierras or twisting ourselves into a wild jungle of bedsheets, you can be sure that I'm the best tour guide you'll find! 


Day Tripping Morning to Late $2000
All Day and All Night 24 Hours $3000
Golden State Escape 2 Days $5000



Fancy a snow-filled frolic?

I really hope our first meeting was as memorable for you as it was for me, because I gotta say: I’m certainly not new at this and don’t typically fixate after a single meeting, but... I find myself thinking about you a lot! was really the best kind of playdate: effortlessly intimate and playful and delicious. What was rare was the chemistry—at least on my end—our chemistry was amazing. I’m just really fascinated by you on so many levels (and I’m choosing that word with care:  ”to attract and hold attentively by a unique power, personal charm, unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthrall.”)
I can’t WAIT until you come visit again! Anyway, I hope you don’t mind: I just felt motivated to fanboy gush for a sec because I didn’t expect to still be thinking about you as often as I find myself doing. And it’s usually accompanied by a little flashback, and people around me wonder why I’m closing my eyes for a second and saying “Mm!”
I’m really happy we got to meet!
— J